1 tile, 2 tiles, 3 tiles, 4... Spin them to change the design on your floor. Adaptive Rugs are a unique collection of carpet tiles that are simple to use in a variety of spaces, while putting you in the driver's seat as designer.
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We offer a 30-day full refund by crediting the account used to make the purchase, as long as there is no damage to the returned merchandise. Contact us by email to let us know you are requesting a refund so we can coordinate the product return.

Highlights from a description of California Law regarding refunds and returns: Consumers have come to expect stores or catalog companies to offer a refund, credit or exchange when they return items. Sellers are not required by law to accept returned items unless they are defective. However, California law requires that retailers who have a policy of not providing a cash refund, credit or exchange when an item is returned with proof of purchase within 7 days of purchase must inform consumers about their refund policies by conspicuously placing a written notice about their policies, in language that consumers can understand, so that it can be easily seen and read. Some companies may limit exchanges or returns for credit or refunds on all, or some products. Some may not allow exchanges or returns for credit or refunds at all. But whatever the limitation, it must be conspicuously disclosed. Before making a purchase, carefully check the store's policy.


Binvetec LLC designed and licensed the styles Cocoon, Clockwork and Etruscan to Joy Carpets, Inc. Binvetec is based in California, USA and Joy Carpets is based in Georgia, USA.