1 tile, 2 tiles, 3 tiles, 4... Spin them to change the design on your floor. Installing these square meter carpet tiles to span a room is an easy task that goes quickly because you get to design the layout as you go, and change it later if you want.
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• Follow these tips to assure the best assembly of your carpet tiles.

install wall

wall to wall carpet tile

prepare room for carpet
To begin, sweep the concrete or wood unfinished subfloor to remove any dust and debris. The high-friction coating on the back of each tile has the best longevity when free of dust. Do not use additional adhesives nor mats during assembly, just set the tiles directly on the clean floor. Either begin in a corner or the center of the room, depending on your design intentions.
install carpet tile
Slide the tiles next to each other snuggly and the visual seam between them will completely vanish. Because no adhesives are used during assembly, individual square tiles can be lifted and rotated to change the design. There's no rush; just set them down and rotate as desired.
cut carpet tile
It is usually necessary to cut tiles at the perimeter of the room, unless they happen to fit perfectly. Using a basic utility blade and a straight edge, flip the tile over and begin a long, gentle cut. Repeat several times if needed, until the tile can easily fold. It is not necessary to try to cut all the way through to the yarn in one motion. Use care to avoid injury.
cut tiles
When the tile can fold easily along the cut line, stand it on end. Glide the utility blade down the fold in order to cut the yarn fiber.


Adhesives are not required thanks to a special tacky coating applied to the back. This prevents the squares from sliding around, yet allows them to be lifted off the floor. Therefore, they can be rotated anytime to change the design!



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